The four personality traits that help define the acronym DISC refer to four different personalities. Employers can forecast future professional success or business disruption based on a candidate’s character attributes. Knowing a candidate’s level of effort and personality type in the workplace may be advantageous to employers when establishing work environments that support their goals.

Learn about what is type C personality, type C personality traits, how people who possess them behave at work, and why it’s essential to consider C personality type individuals when hiring staff with the help of this blog. In addition, to choose the ideal employees for your business, you will know about assessing workplace personality.

Understanding Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness is one trait that is commonly associated with awareness. C personality type people are organized, show self-control, and thrive in time management. They are also known for being excellent team players and diligent workers.

Strong work ethics, dependability, attention to detail, commitment, and purpose are all traits of a conscientious personality. They are often called “the ideal personality for a team.” You will observe them planning their work to minor details or even a timeline. When used well, a conscientious person can be exceedingly productive, impacting the team’s goals and occasionally the organizational ones.

Type C Personality Traits

  • Consistent

They must have a regular workload, performance- and results-based center for their work. Fundamentally, they approach problem-solving and collaboration in this way.

  • Controlled

Again, they must respond to everything they present in a regulated manner.

  • Calm

Again, it is crucial to how they conduct themselves to maintain composure as you gather all the facts.

  • Cooperative

They enjoy playing along with others and prefer to work collaboratively with others methodically instead of randomly coming up with answers or conducting research.

  • Creative

They identify value in the data and devise innovative ways to use it or develop brand-new solutions to problems.

  • Conflict-resistant

Even though it goes against their natural inclination to express thoughts they disagree with, persons with a type C personality are generally conflict-resistant and desire to get along with others.

  • Inclinations toward perfection

They take a rigorous approach to their work and invest the necessary time to ensure that their work is of the highest caliber.

  • Unwilling to change

Unwanted changes can upset and disturb them since they value regularity in their lives.

  • Sensitive to other people’s needs

A powerful type C trait is wanting other people to be happy.

  • Pessimism

A person with a type C personality may focus on something to influence the outcome.

  • Resistant to strong emotions

If they can’t control things, they become very self-absorbed and shut down under pressure from others.

Impact of Type C Personality on Workplace Behavior

The four personality types impact how people behave at work. Knowing the C type personality will help you understand the potential favourable or harmful effects. Understanding someone with a type C personality will help you better manage their triggers and even the kinds of work that they each accomplish.

Do you follow established protocols at work? Have you had the task where people must put in their effort but see it through to the end? The Type C candidate is ideal for this position, thus. They feel comfortable working alone because the nature of the task doesn’t need them to be at others’ beck and call, and they can manage workloads independently.

However, type C personalities may start to withdraw from their work and feel overwhelmed if the task spirals out of control due to others not working following the established rules and regulations. As a result, they may develop a pessimistic view of their work and the company. It can be uncomfortable for a C type personality attribute if your company is also through a lot of change. Even though change can be unwelcome, it would be strategically advantageous to involve type C personality traits from the start and give them the duty of developing a framework and new methods and procedures.

Way Forward

A candidate’s conscientiousness can determine the ability to operate in a team and provide excellent customer service. Additionally, it shows how well individuals perform these tasks based on their results compared to the other five main personality traits. Conscientious people are known for being excellent team players and diligent workers. People who exhibit high conscientiousness are organized, disciplined, and detail-oriented, whereas those who demonstrate low conscientiousness find it challenging to maintain motivation and complete tasks.

You can hire such candidates with the help of Discover Assessments‘ DISC-based psychometric tests. With our research-based evaluations, you can understand a candidate’s potential and how they would behave in a professional setting.

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