Today’s business environment is ever-evolving and competitive, necessitating a workforce with the skills and intelligence to perform complex tasks and have unique personalities.

Since an individual’s personality traits usually impact their performance and so, recruiters must pay utmost attention to hiring the right employee by employing a psychometric assessment test. These assessments help determine attribute patterns displayed by people in varied settings, reducing the risk and expense of hiring and ensuring high productivity.

If standard recruitment approaches aren’t netting you competent individuals, it may be time to Recruiters must understand the fundamentals before employing such assessments in the hiring process. So, let’s take you through the details by answering a few questions like, ‘What is a psychometric test?’, ‘What are the types of psychometric test online?’, or ‘How does a psychometric personality test enhance the hiring process?’ and more.

What is a Psychometric Test in Recruitment?

A psychometric assessment measures capabilities and personality characteristics that define a candidate’s suitability for any job position. Created based on scientific methods, these tests are objective and unbiased.

Typically, after screening, interviewing, and conducting background checks, once recruiters decide a candidate has met all the basic qualifications for a post, they conduct a psychometric test online. However, ideally, the process should be reversed, and only those candidates who qualify for the psychometric assessment test should be processed for an interview. Before making the final hiring choice, recruiters could use an additional psychometric evaluation to learn more about a candidate’s personality, and strengths.

To add to the list of benefits, psychometric testing can aid in the prediction of a job applicant’s likely behavior patterns, attitudes, mental reasoning, and personality type. When utilized as a part of a more extensive recruitment process, the candidate online assessment tool might mean the difference between discovering a star employee and someone who doesn’t suit the company’s culture or job needs.

Types of Psychometric Tests

There are two primary types of psychometric tests:

Personality Test

Employers can use this test to assess a candidate’s suitability based on their behavior and work approach. It examines behavior, attitudes, preferences, reasons, and values and is usually a questionnaire. Typically, candidates are asked to score assertions on a scale of “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.” Some assessments use a word association method which is harder to manipulate.

Ability Test

On the other hand, the ability test evaluates a specific or broad range of abilities needed to execute the job. They usually consist of arithmetic, verbal, and abstract thinking assessments.

Why is a Psychometric Test Important For Recruiters? 

One of the primary uses of a psychometric test online in an organizational context is its application in assessing a candidate’s mental ability and behavioral style. Thus, they offer crucial insights into a person’s cognitive ability and reveal their underlying potential. The host of benefits it offers include:

Identifying personality traits

Matching aptitude and personalities to an ideal job is critical for engaged and productive employees. A psychometric personality assessment can assist you in predicting an employee’s behavior before they join the workforce. This helps determine whether they will fit into the existing culture, clash with others, or find their new employment satisfying.

Putting candidates on a level playing field.

A psychometric assessment test is widely considered a consistent and reliable method to predict applicant behavior and suitability. Most tests are standard, with all candidates receiving the same unbiased and objective questions that have been widely used against a wide demographic.

Adding validity to the recruitment process

Even if a candidate is not a good fit for a specific task, they can write stellar job applications and references. However, psychometric evaluations validate the hiring process by extracting personality traits and likely behaviors that interview questions and reports cannot.


Psychometric evaluations are generally affordable, and the cost of testing candidates to verify their fitness for the post further could mean the difference between finding a fantastic fit and incurring the higher cost of a rehiring process.

How to Choose the Best Psychometric Assessment?

Following are five aspects to consider when choosing a psychometric evaluation system:

Accurate behavioral prediction

Different theories have been suggested in psychometrics over the years, with 16PF, MBTI, Big 5, and DISC being some of the earliest. In the HR community, these systems are widely accepted. However, despite their longevity, 16PF, MBTI, and the Big 5 all have one key fault in common: they force respondents to pick between extreme options. 

The DISC test outperforms the competition in this area. It presents the respondent with four options and asks them to select the words that most closely and least closely match their personality. The candidate can choose from 24-28 possibilities in the DISC assessments rather than the two extremes. These options provide the candidate with a wide range of choices for portraying their true self. Candidates can choose the most and least appropriate responses from various four-word choices with 24 rows in our Discover Assessments variation. It guarantees that the candidate is examined across the entire behavioral spectrum.

Ease-of-use and time commitment

To judge the convenience a tool offers, recruiters must consider the following: 

  1. The assessment should be ipsative, allowing the candidate to choose one or two options from a list. Such evaluations are fundamentally quite robust because the chances for candidates to manipulate them are limited.
  1. The assessment should ideally take a short time to complete. For example, some systems require each candidate to spend up to 60 minutes or more to complete a single test
  2. Candidates are sometimes forced to use only a desktop computer to complete the assessment which is a challenge in today’s mobile world

As a result, select a system that allows all intended end-users to access the application assessment via an open connection.

Commercial worth of the tool

Different systems come at different pricing models, making it challenging to finalize a system suitable for your organizational needs. Among common pricing models like licensing models, per-report or per-person models, the licensing model is the best one. In this model, you receive unrestricted access to the system for a set annual cost, ensuring that the tool cost doesn’t overrun your budget.

Report layout

The older generation of psychometric assessment has complex report forms. The science underlying it is undeniably hard, and the computations required may likewise be extensive, but the report does not have to be. Discover Assessments’ report layout is so simple to read and use, that you can pick up the system in under 30 minutes. Its simplicity makes it perfect for tasks like recruiting and talent management. Furthermore, because the report is based on 26 DISC profiles, it uses precise terminology and terminologies, ensuring that candidates receive a report already analyzed.

Type of evaluation: Game-based or gamified evaluations

The contrast between game-based and gamified assessments is essential. Existing games are used in game-based tests to determine various talents such as speed, accuracy, and memory. They are aptitude or abilities assessments and are not based on a psychometric assessment. On the other hand, a gamified psychometric personality test simulates a game. As a result, the test includes game elements such as multiple levels or rounds, points for accomplishing specific goals, timings, images, audio, video, etc. These elements contribute to the allure of gamified psychometric tests, making them a highly sought-after solution for recruiters.

Final Words

It is crucial to adopt optimal means of recruitment for hiring employees, given that the costs of the flawed hiring process can lead to wastage of time, labor and money and can severely impact company morale and culture. If your company is struggling to recruit suitable candidates, it might be time to consider the benefits of psychometric tests in assessing candidates. This can help you find the best person for the job the first time around. If you’d like to implement gamified psychometric testing as part of your recruitment process, consider the gamut of gamified psychometric test online offered by Discover Assessments.

Armed with our psychometric personality test reports, you can observe particular behaviors and traits among candidates and tailor assessment activities to explore them. Then, when deciding who to hire, you can refer to the psychometric assessment reports to differentiate between candidates who seem to be equal in education, experience, and skills.

Psychometric Test – FAQs

What are Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments measure various aspects of human personality – traits, behavioral tendencies, motivations, values, etc. The quickest and most popular psychometric personality test is the DISC Personality Test.

How do I prepare for a psychometric test?

It is best to be yourself and answer honestly and truthfully. Dishonest answers are usually identified easily and can jeopardize the chances of being hired or promoted. 

How are psychometric tests scored?

Most psychometric tests are scored on percentiles i.e. your score as a percentage of a wider sample size

What are psychometric tests used for? 

Psychometric tests are used in recruitment, coaching, leadership development, training needs assessment, performance analysis etc

What can I expect from a psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessments usually consist of a series of questions that check for internal consistency i.e. how closely each answer is consistent with each other. Also, most assessments can take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Only DISC assessments can be delivered in 10 minutes.

What is a psychometric personality test? 

A psychometric personality test assesses aspects of human personality – traits, behaviora ltendencies, motivations, values, etc. The quickest and most popular psychometric personality test is the DISC Personality Test.

What is a psychometric online test?

It is an online assessment that will evaluate the behavioral traits of an individual and how they are likely to work in a specific environment

What is a psychometric test and how do they work?

A psychometric test will evaluate the behavioral traits of an individual and how they are likely to work in a specific environment. They work by analyzing the individual’s behavior against a set of norms