The last time you had to reject a candidate, and you thought of the most polite and thoughtful way to do so, you were not only being decent but also significantly boosting your employer’s brand. No matter how unbelievable it may sound, if you choose the right ways to reject a candidate, you can turn them into your organization’s representative even when they are not actually working there. 

Why Should You Reconsider How You Reject Candidates?

How many candidates turned up for the interview during your previous hiring drive? You know the answer is beyond a number you can count on your fingers. This indicates that your brand has already been developed and is well-known. However, this must be maintained, which necessitates well-thought-out efforts. 

All of the prospects that showed up for the interview were interested in working for your organization because of your employer brand. And now that they’ve been rejected, they’re at best disappointed and neutral about your company’s image. But what if there’s a method to make your unsatisfied, rejected candidates into your most ardent supporters? Those who will give glowing reviews on your company’s Glassdoor page, brag to their friends about the best job interview they’ve ever had, and even tweet about it? Yes, it’s conceivable. And the work is definitely worth it.

How Can You Transform Rejected Candidates into Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors For Your Company?

Candidates will be unhappy if they are rejected. However, their candidate journey does not have to be a sour experience. It doesn’t have to come to an end at all!

This can be achieved by maintaining contact with your rejected candidates as often as possible. Who knows, they might be a great fit for one of your future positions! 

Here’s how to maintain a relationship with your rejected prospects and convert them into enthusiastic employer brand advocates in just six easy steps:

#1 Reject Thoughtfully

It’s challenging to say no to a candidate, but it can be done deliberately and respectfully. First and foremost, make certain that the information is delivered promptly. Candidates that did not advance to the next level of your hiring process should be contacted as soon as possible. Contacting prospects within 48 hours of the interview is the best practice. Deliver the news over the phone if at all possible. If you have many candidates and can’t call them all, make sure to send them a personalized and well-crafted candidate rejection email template. Sending candidates an email with unique video messaging is a terrific approach to differentiate your business brand.

#2 Give Feedback And Ask For The Same

The majority of candidates value feedback. When you provide helpful feedback to rejected prospects, they are more likely to consider your organization for future opportunities. However, you can never be too polite, so make sure to ask if they want feedback. Ensure that you provide them with practical guidance to assist them in their future job applications. You can even propose certifications they might take to expand their knowledge and experience. You should ask them for inputs on your hiring process in addition to giving them your opinion. This will convey to them that you value their inputs and want to make every effort to create an exceptional candidate experience. These are all excellent methods for determining what you need to work on.

#3 Make Use Of Social Media Connectivities

Make a social media connection with your rejected candidate. This is an easy approach to make a good first impression and demonstrate that you care about staying in touch with your candidates, even if you don’t hire them. You should make a personal connection with your rejected candidate. Recruiters, hiring managers, and anybody who contacts your rejected applicants should invite them to connect on social media, preferably LinkedIn.

#4 Share Your Newsletter

Make a mailing list for all rejected candidates and share your recruitment newsletter. This is an easy, quick, and almost painless approach to keep in touch with your rejected applicants. Just be careful not to advertise only your new job positions to your candidates. Instead, provide a variety of content that is both engaging and beneficial. Finally, segment your talent pool and deliver customized, highly targeted email campaigns to your rejected prospects for even greater outcomes.


While using Discover Assessmentsgamified assessments can help you in standing out in the employee experience, read through these steps carefully to set the tone for a better candidate experience. Without good perceptions from existing and potential employees, developing and maintaining an employer brand is impossible. Follow these suggestions and don’t underestimate the value of little recruitment efforts and best practices. You will have to go the extra mile if you truly want to differentiate your employer brand, stand out from our competition, and gratify your rejected applicants. This, however, does not have to be a costly or time-consuming endeavor! If delivered wisely, even a modest gesture can signify a lot. 

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