Role of Assessment Solutions in Bulk Hiring

Businesspeople plan their company’s growth trajectory well before its actual launch. As the firm reaches the growth stage, new agreements, major projects, and massive expansion plans are on the table. Your hiring team spends time studying the needs of all departments. They recognize the corporation’s requirement for hundreds of new personnel to meet this growing demand.

Furthermore, the recruiting staff is expected to adhere to rigorous deadlines while onboarding new employees. In such scenarios, the only option is to hire in bulk.

This blog covers bulk recruiting and how pre-employment assessment tools can help you achieve it.

Why Conduct Bulk Hiring?

Bulk hiring is the process of sourcing, vetting, and onboarding a large number of applications at once. In other terms, it is the practice of simultaneously recruiting a huge number of applicants with an aim to create a large talent pool that matches an organization’s skill requirements. Rapid screening, group interviews, and quick turnaround times are common when hiring in bulk. 

Why Conduct Bulk Hiring?

It allows businesses to concentrate on the needs of their employees. However, evaluating candidates requires a significant amount of time and work. Furthermore, when you conduct mass hiring drives, the large number of resumes can make screening a challenge, slowing down the talent acquisition process. You’ll need a methodical process for expediting the bulk-hiring procedure for this. This difficult work can be made easier using online assessment platforms that can help complete mass hiring in a shorter time by automating critical steps of the process. In addition, with their sophisticated, modern-day, technology-rich features, pre-employment assessments facilitate hiring professionals in eradicating unnecessary steps involved in the recruitment process. 

How is Bulk Hiring Different from Traditional Hiring?

Following are some points of difference between traditional and bulk hiring: 

1. Traditional hiring initiates with the hiring managers announcing the vacancies and creating job promotions to grab the attention of the right candidates. This is usually followed by manually searching and recruiting the candidate. However, recruiters can partner with the job portals for candidate sourcing when hiring in bulk. Other means companies employ to make the sourcing more efficient include asking the employees for referrals, using a previous applicants pool, conducting campus hiring drives, screening tools to fasten the process, etc.

2. In traditional hiring, applicants’ depth of detail is overlooked. Although a candidate who matches the job description can interview, recruiters do initial screenings based on resumes and then utilize whatever data they have to go with their gut without testing them for the competence they require for the role. To locate the skilled personnel, you require bulk recruitment, and you must get a larger number of applications. Recruiters can leverage their employer branding to attract this pool of applicants. Recruiters refer talented candidates to screening tests, personality tests, and other pre-employment psychometric tests

3. Recruiters shortlist applicants for an interview after the initial screening in traditional recruitment. As a result, the number of interview rounds may vary depending on the job position. When hiring in bulk, recruiters, on the other hand, cannot devote hours to interviewing each applicant. Instead, they use group interviews and panel discussions to screen many applicants at once. In addition, professional recruiters employ time-saving technologies such as Discover Assessments‘ psychometric tests to speed up the selection process.

How to Plan Bulk Hiring with Assessments?

To address the different challenges of bulk hiring, businesses must develop a strategic plan. This recruitment strategy involves determining hiring goals and requirements, planning your budget, collaborating with agencies, utilizing assessment solutions, etc. With the right online assessment platform on your side, you can expedite these steps and conduct a hassle-free bulk hiring drive. 

Assessment solutions help in bulk hiring by:

1. Creating a Strong Sourcing Team

Partnering with an assessment solution provider who can assist you access a broader pool of prospects will improve your company’s market presence and help you make the connections you need.

2. Directing Candidate to a Single Platform

Companies should track the applications streaming towards them after spreading the news about recruitment across various media. Moreover, when they use a single assessment solution for each candidate, they leave no room for biases.

3. Creating a more efficient screening process

Businesses should build a speedier screening procedure to avoid missing out on qualified candidates. Using screening solutions such as psychometric testing is the greatest method to make it go faster.

4. Conducting rapid interviews

There is a narrow line between screening candidates in mass hiring and keeping their interests in the process for an extended period. Assessments allow you to focus on the most important, essential questions that influence success while avoiding the fluff.

5. Enhancing candidate feedback and experience

Giving prospective candidates the greatest impression of your company is critical for maintaining a positive employer brand. Online tests like those provided by Discover Assessments provide data-driven insights that can assist you in providing accurate feedback to candidates.

Pre-employment assessments, without a doubt, help you locate the right personnel in the shortest amount of time and promote growth, thereby helping your future success. If you want to do the same for your company, look into our assessment solutions and find the top applicants.

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