Long gone are the days when interns were thought of as nothing more than free or inexpensive labor. However, the times have changed, and businesses increasingly recognize the value of not just their permanent staff but also their temporary hires.

Interns are no longer thought of as just individuals who sit in the office for a few weeks. Large companies recognize the value that interns bring to the table. Internship opportunities are a win-win for both interns and businesses. Students fresh out of college need hands-on experience to help gain practical knowledge. While these short-term stints are beneficial to interns, they are also favorable to businesses because interns are not hired with the expectation of reaching KRAs. They’re thus more open to thinking outside the box, bringing innovative ideas and a fresh perspective to jobs that your employees would otherwise tackle in a ‘safe’ manner. Interns are also motivated, eager to learn, and enthusiastic about what they do because they are just starting in their professions.

With numerous researchers suggesting that interns who become workers tend to stay longer, hiring the right interns becomes even more crucial for companies.

Interns Hold Untapped Potential

Interns can help a firm in a variety of ways. Apprenticeship culture used to be a generally acknowledged strategy for launching professional careers for the masses. Working with an expert who would oversee their personal and professional growth gave fresh grads first-hand experience. In their unique ways, modern corporations have embraced the internship culture. Companies now provide various opportunities, ranging from specialized internships to part-time college work, to help aspiring graduates secure their first genuine industry job.

Businesses may not realize it, but hiring interns has numerous advantages like: 

  • Bringing Fresh Perspective

If you’re looking for interns this year, you’ll be welcoming a mix of Millennials, and Gen Z graduates who are known for their ability to innovate at work actively. Interns can bring new ideas to old challenges and help the company embrace modernity by looking at existing procedures differently.

  • Creating Tech-Savvy Work Culture

Today’s businesses are actively pursuing digital transformation. Internships fit the idea because most generation members grew up in the digital age. As a result, they are more at ease with technology and are eager to embrace digital tools.

  • Building a Talent Pool

Your organization establishes a talent bank at the grassroots level by hiring interns, allowing you to retain high-performing employees fresh out of college. This allows you to establish solid working connections and begin full-time hiring.

  • Providing Additional Manpower

Interns learn best when they are involved in their everyday tasks. Therefore, you can provide appropriate project duties to them that will help them improve their abilities while reducing the pressure on primary stakeholders. In addition, interns can be invaluable resources for taking on project activities that are easily delegated.

Role of Assessments in Hiring Interns

Many examples show that interns are an excellent choice for a long-term resource. However, recruiters can witness these advantages by hiring a capable intern. Hiring interns is a difficult process that requires judgment and caution. 

An employee assessment like psychometric tests completed at the time of hire can make the difference between an excellent intern with the potential to become a productive and permanent employee and one who consumes more resources than they contribute to your firm. In addition, assessment is an important aspect of every company’s recruitment procedure. Companies use assessments to uncover and identify the most qualified and competent candidates for each job description. Assessment can also help recruit interns to locate applicants right for the job.

Because one of the most crucial tasks in running a business is hiring interns for every position, assessment tests can help recruiters benefit from the following advice. Therefore, when evaluating interns, you should consider numerous competencies and skills, usually not evident in their resumes. First and foremost, in evaluating potential candidates, education and internship performance are quite crucial. 

In the early steps of evaluation, psychometric tests can help recruiters pay utmost attention to critical aspects like: 

  • Skills learned
  • Personality Traits
  • Organizational congruence
  • Analytical capacity
  • Decision-making capacity
  • Working capacity 
  • Motivation and zeal
  • Sportsmanship and friendship

A good intern may always benefit your organization, whether you plan to hire them permanently. Remember that no matter how long an intern works for you, your company’s name will always appear on their CV. The quality of their job will be primarily determined by the level of experience they gained under the supervision of the supervisors you appointed to them. This means that by selecting an intern who can learn quickly and advance, you can obtain more credit with less effort.

So, the next time you need to hire interns, try using Discover Assessments, the world’s first gamified assessment company, to analyse their abilities and competencies. With our psychometric tests, you can assess a wide range of skills, which assess research-based questions and generate data-driven results that provide valuable insights.

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