Pre-employment testing has changed the way recruiters hire people all across the world. In the past, recruiters relied on telephonic and face-to-face interviews to fill vacancies. However, this method was flawed, leading to a spike in low-quality employees and high turnover rates.

Furthermore, a company’s incompetent recruitment process leads to losing its money in a variety of ways. Furthermore, as various technologies in the world of recruitment and hiring have advanced, more businesses are turning to pre-employment testing to improve the quality of their hires.

Continue reading to learn about the different types of psychometric test used to hire the best workforce efficiently.

Seven Pre-Employment Assessments Recruiters Must Use

1. Personality Assessments

The most effective types of pre-employment testing are personality tests. Recruiters use them to assess human characteristics to make the best hiring decisions. They help people build self-awareness and establish teams by reflecting on how they react in various scenarios. Personality tests look at the traits that a person exhibits through their actions. It enables recruiters to discover more about a candidate’s personality attributes and determine whether or not they are a suitable fit for the company’s culture.

2. Cognitive Ability Tests

Cognitive ability tests are different from personality tests in that they are used to examine cognitive talents (reasoning, problem-solving, verbal ability, etc.) They are among the essential type of psychometric test since they reveal a person’s cognitive quotient. The results of the cognitive ability tests are used to forecast on-the-job performance and evaluate current and potential employees. They also tested role-specific IQs across a variety of job-related tasks.

3. Skill Assessment Tests

By asking questions meant to indicate professional expertise in certain subject areas, skill tests determine how much a candidate understands a professional topic. One of the essential advantages of skill assessment tests is that they allow you to know right away if a candidate has put effort into learning and understanding a topic in the past.

4. Behavioral Tests

A behavioral assessment analyses an individual’s behavioral competencies in a simulated work environment. They’re utilized to construct coaching plans, ideal for recruiting and identifying potential future leaders and hiring top talent. Candidates are given genuine work-related circumstances and options to choose from. They must either pick the best option or rank the available actions in order of effectiveness.

5. Coding Assessments

Coding abilities have become a characteristic of modern business and innovation, allowing people to delve deeper into technical knowledge. As a result, talent acquisition specialists favour coding tests when selecting the best techies. In addition, coding tests are used to see if a candidate has the knowledge required for a specific position on a specific topic. 

6. Culture Assessments

A cultural evaluation might help you figure out what your company’s overall culture is like. Furthermore, culture assessments look at how an organization’s expectations, experiences, philosophies, mission, and values influence stakeholders’ behavior. Leaders can use the results of cultural or value assessments to make informed decisions about culture and determine whether changes are required to strengthen the organization.

7. Emotional Intelligence Tests

Emotional intelligence tests are the most beneficial psychometric test that can be used to determine a candidate’s emotional intelligence. They allow you to see how applicants react to various work situations. Working in high-pressure situations, cooperating with other team members and groups, and working at varying levels of seniority are all examples of this. In addition, these tests disclose candidates’ thinking, learning styles, management, and whether or not they share all of the positions or cultural fit values.

To conduct fascinating interviews and acquire the most exceptional individuals for your firm, you should assess applicants based on more than just their test scores; you should focus on evaluating their organizational congruence, emotional qualities, and other factors based on the numerous psychometric tests available in the world of recruitment. If you want to succeed, use our assessment solutions to soar to new heights! 

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