The recruiting landscape is constantly shifting. With AI-driven innovations and recruitment tools gaining traction, it’s time for HR managers to reconsider their recruitment strategy and put technology at the centre of their operations.

Today’s recruitment is segmented and manual. Organizational silos are the most significant impediment to companies improving their talent mix. You’ve got a disgruntled recruiter, an ineffective recruitment process, and highly unfavourable hiring metrics when you add manual processes that take hours, if not days. 

What is the solution?

Embracing cutting-edge technology that can change the way your company hires. 

Don’t search anymore if you want to go down the innovation route and adapt to a technology-driven recruitment process. This blog will walk you through the most important features to look for when selecting a recruitment or assessment tool.

What is a Recruitment Assessment Tool?

A recruitment online assessment tool is a web application that aids in the improvement of the recruitment process. It aids in identifying suitable candidates and improves the quality of those who progress through the process. Recruiters and businesses benefit from strong recruitment tools for a variety of reasons:

1. They help save time by reducing the time spent reading CVs and cover letters in detail.

2. They lower the average cost per hire by reducing time spent finding the proper candidate and reducing the chance of a bad hire leading to rehiring.

3. They help remove bias in determining applicants’ job fit, work behaviour, and talents.

What to Look For in a Recruitment Tool?

When analyzing and selecting a recruitment tool, consider three crucial features. The tool’s capabilities include: 

Screening Applicants

Screening is one of the most feared and time-consuming procedures in recruiting. Adopting intelligent tools to handle this task would allow you to spend your time and money on something more meaningful. The tool must be AI-enabled, with machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, to make the screening process smooth. It must reduce manual data entry by intelligently extracting candidates’ information and saving it in your system. Moreover, it should have an interactive interface and a data-driven analysis system to gather actionable insightful results. 

Attracting and Engaging People

We’re not talking about creating attractive “Employee wanted” ads. We’re going above and beyond to guarantee that your recruit is interested in working for your company. Your tool should concentrate on the following:

  1. Branded communication by delivering a fully branded experience on the software interface guarantees candidates a sense of belonging.
  2. Tool accessibility, allowing every individual to have the finest career possible and a recruitment experience that benefits them based on their various talents.
  3. Creating a talent pool is a good approach for recruiters to ensure that they have a steady supply of applicants when they need them. When you need to contact a prospect who has already been screened, appraised, and engaged with the organization, the hiring process becomes easier and faster.

Assessing Potential Candidates

Assessments determine a candidate’s previous knowledge, abilities, and potential. Effective talent assessment leads to increased productivity, cost savings, and lower attrition rates. Your recruitment tool must meet the following criteria to be effective:

  1. Use a variety of evaluations, such as aptitude exams and cognitive assessments, to cover various topics.
  2. Use the internet to save time, effort, and money and take advantage of revolutionary features such as question randomization, greater flexibility, transparency, security, and real-time analysis.
  3. Provide accurate information about a candidate’s behavioural fit, learnability, cultural fit, and other factors.
  4. Integrate with an applicant tracking system and an HRM system to provide a seamless and effective recruiting process and data flow.

Few other features that you should look for in an ideal recruitment tool include: 

  • Data compliance
  • Flexibility
  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Cost

It might be challenging to find the proper people to help your company survive and thrive. However, using recruitment tools can save you time and money while focusing on your business. Discover Assessments is the world’s only online assessment platform that provides a gamified DISC-based test. Furthermore, our gamified, game-based, and game-themed aptitude assessments can help you achieve flexibility in establishing a responsive and customized recruitment process by introducing a fresh perspective to spark interest from candidates.