Psychometrics is an area of science that focuses on using various assessment models and measurements to assess personality traits and cognitive aptitude. Different types of psychometric tests assess cognitive talents and personal characteristics in several fields, like marketing, education, psychology, psychiatry, and recruitment.

In recent years, employing psychometric assessments has become common hiring practice; as a result, many organizations now use types of psychometric tests as part of their hiring process. This is also because psychometric testing is a useful tool for assessing your prospects’ strengths and abilities.

After introducing the need for a psychometric test in today’s corporate world’s employment process, it becomes only fair to understand what is a psychometric test in recruitment, its significance, types, and benefits.

What is a Psychometric Test?

A psychometric test assesses a candidate’s abilities and personality traits to determine their fit for a given profession. After screening, interviewing, and background checks have been completed, recruiters conduct it, and a candidate has been chosen based on their qualifications. They can use it to learn more about a candidate’s skills, personality, and abilities, which are important factors to consider when making a final hiring choice.

A psychometric test can help recruiters evaluate a candidate’s attitude, behaviour patterns, mental reasoning, and personality type. When employed as part of a comprehensive hiring process, it might make or break the difference between finding a wonderful employee and finding someone who doesn’t fit its culture.

Hiring managers use psychometric assessments to: 

  • Get a complete evaluation of someone’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain insights about applicants that are not usually visible in their CVs or resumes
  • Conduct comparison amongst the pool of applicants
  • Examine the possibilities of a cultural and personality fit
  • Hire a diversified workforce by decreasing biases

What are the Benefits of Psychometric Assessments?

Measuring an applicant’s mental capacity and behavioural style is one of the most typical benefits of a psychometric test. As a result, they reveal their true potential while also providing data-driven insights into their cognitive talents. It brings along multiple benefits, including:

  • Providing recruiters with the tools that assist them in making data-driven hiring decisions
  • Providing them with the ability to swiftly screen candidates and select only the best fits
  • Providing a clear picture of the abilities and personalities of candidates
  • Allowing them to compare many prospects simultaneously
  • Encouraging a diverse and inclusive workforce

What are the types of Psychometric Tests Recruiters Employ?

In general, there are two types of psychometric tests:

  • Test of psychometric aptitude

A psychometric aptitude test evaluates certain abilities and capabilities concerning the open position. It can be used to assess a wide range of cognitive talents, including emotional intelligence, critical thinking, numerical reasoning, and other intelligence traits. Additionally, recruiters can also evaluate aptitude and abilities, such as communication and time management, or broader job-specific abilities, such as negotiation, data processing, accounting, and more. 

  • Test of psychometric personality

A psychometric personality test should not be used as a stand-alone evaluation tool; rather, it should be used as part of a well-thought-out approach that considers company culture, team cohesion, and diversity. They empower recruiters to track: 

  • Attitudes and behavior in various situations, particularly new and unfamiliar ones
  • Honesty and integrity, two ideals that guide a person’s actual behavior
  • Level of motivation that differs from one person to another

Some employees are driven by praise and recognition from peers, while others flourish when they see positive results from their efforts.

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