A pre-employment assessment has altered the way recruiters hire people worldwide. Recruiters depended on telephonic and face-to-face interviews to fill vacancies in the past. It was, however, defective, resulting in a rise in substandard hires and early turnover rates. Furthermore, the ineptness of bad hiring costs a business in various ways.

Moreover, because of advancements in HR technology, more companies are using pre-employment assessment to improve the quality of their hires.

Read on to know about the different types of assessments for effective hiring.

Seven Important Pre-Employment Assessments That Recruiters Must Employ

Personality Assessments

Personality assessments are one of the most effective types of pre-employment tests. Recruiters use them to assess human personalities to make the best-recruiting decisions. They reflect how people might react in different situations, aiding in developing self-awareness and forming teams. Personality assessments evaluate the traits that an individual demonstrates via their actions. It allows recruiters to learn more about the candidate’s personality qualities and ensure that they are a good fit for the company culture.

Cognitive Ability Assessments

Cognitive ability assessments are distinct from personality tests in that they are designed to evaluate abilities related to thinking (reasoning, problem-solving, verbal ability, etc.) They indicate a person’s intelligence quotient and are one of the most important pre-employment testing types. The cognitive ability assessments‘ findings are used to predict on-the-job performance and evaluate current and potential employees. They also put role-specific IQs to the test across various work responsibilities.

Skills Assessments

Skill assessments examine how much a candidate understands about a professional topic by asking questions designed to demonstrate professional proficiency in specific knowledge areas. One of the most important benefits of skill assessments is that they allow you to see right away whether or not a candidate has invested time in learning about it in the past.

Behavioral Assessments

A behavioral assessment evaluates individuals’ behavioural competencies in a simulated work environment. They are used to create coaching plans, perfect for recruiting and identifying prospects who might be groomed into future leaders and employing top talent. Candidates are provided with realistic work-related scenarios and options. They must either choose the best choice or rank the potential actions in order of efficacy. 

Coding Assessments

Coding skills have become a hallmark of modern business and innovation, delving deeper into technical expertise. As a result, talent acquisition professionals prefer coding tests for weeding out the best techies. Coding assessments are designed to determine whether a candidate has the knowledge required for a given vacancy on a specific topic. However, using a coding assessment with broader tests is always important. 

Culture Assessments

A cultural assessment aids you in determining your company’s overall culture. In addition, culture assessments examine how a company’s expectations, experiences, philosophies, mission, and values influence stakeholder behavior. Leaders can make informed judgements about culture and evaluate whether improvements are needed to strengthen the organization using the results of cultural or value evaluations.

Emotional Intelligence Assessments

An emotional intelligence assessment can assess a candidate’s emotional quotient. It helps you understand how applicants respond to various work circumstances. These can include everything from working in high-pressure situations to collaborating with other team members and groups to working at various levels of seniority. These tests also reveal their thoughts, learning styles, management, and whether they share all of the position or cultural fit values.

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