• Roca

Roca, one of the oldest sanitaryware companies from Spain, entered the bathroom space in 1929. The world leader in the definition of bathroom space, Roca currently operates in 170+ countries and directly employs more than 24,000 people worldwide.


Roca identified the high potential employees based on the internal employee discussions. Though these hipos (or hipots as they are sometimes called) were their best performers, the company needed a method to ensure that these hipos possessed the leadership skills required for the challenges ahead. Furthermore, Roca wanted a scientific method to assess if their organizational initiatives were impactful.


To find a befitting solution to this challenge, Roca decided to use Discover behavioral assessment as their primary assessment tool. The reports generated were used for both the organizational and leadership development initiatives.


Based on the manager’s review, Roca identified nearly 10036 hipos in the first round who then completed the Discover behavioral assessment program. Upon receiving the behavioral reports, each candidate was scheduled into a coaching session, during which they shared their past experiences, current challenges, and future aspirations. 

As a result, the hipos acquired insights into 24 competencies like leadership, strategic thinking, people management, creativity, and innovation. In addition, these data points helped them understand the gaps between their current challenges and future aspirations.

Moreover, the Discover aggregate data report provided crucial information about the effectiveness of the organizational development initiatives of the company. It allowed Roca to realize that their customer orientation programs were effective, whereas the innovation programs needed fine-tuning.


Collaborating with Discover Assessments empowered Roca to identify the challenge areas for their hipos, and they began working on each of them individually. The increased attention on employees’ growth made them feel cared for, resulting in higher retention and better engagement. Roca also used the data obtained from Discover to rework their organizational development interventions and continue deploying Discover tools for their hipos program.