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Coca Cola, a company passionate about beverages worldwide, has a truly global footprint and owns around 200 brands ranging from Coca-Cola to SmartWater to Costa coffee. With 700,000+ employees across the company and bottling partners, their workforce is as diverse as their communities.


Coca Cola, the world’s leading beverages company, promoted talent based on their performance and assessments by their immediate supervisors. However, this approach made it difficult for some employees to fit into a new role, leading to lower morale and unsatisfactory performance. The challenge, therefore, was to identify before promoting whether the talent is ready to be promoted to the next level.


Coca Cola needed a powerful tool to identify key competencies for each role. Hence, the strategy was to deploy the Discover Behavioral Assessment Test to identify the talent gaps, if any, before promoting the employees. Using these DISC personality tests, the company found a non-biased, data-driven approach to solve the challenge.


Discover Assessments, along with Coca Cola created success profiles for each role. With these success profiles, the company was able to comprehend the critical success behaviors for each role.

To evaluate each employee’s proficiency, they were then assessed using the Discover behavioral assessment. Finally, through the Discover Job Fit Report, that gives a candidate’s compatibility against a single job, Coca Cola matched the data captured with the success profiles. The report helped them realize the gaps that existed in each candidate. Based on the results, Coca Cola discussed with each employee and enrolled them for appropriate development initiatives.


As a result of these behavioral skills assessments, the company promoted employees who were ready for the challenges of the new role and witnessed significant improvement in their performance. This, in turn, led Coca Cola to have more engaged employees and better talent retention. Now, Coca Cola employs Discover assessments across Qatar, UAE, Oman and Bahrain.