• Philips

A name synonymous with high-quality, reliable, innovative technology that improves people’s lives, Philips is among the most trusted lighting brands. The brand covers the complete range of lighting applications, from home, office, and industry to street lighting, horticulture, sports, and more.


Philips, one of the world’s oldest lighting companies, used a hiring assessment strategy that produced a mixed bag of results, especially in their Key Account Management sales department. As a result, the brand was on the lookout to improve its hiring process using practical and effective evaluation techniques. And, therefore, they needed a more robust set of tools for their hiring process to recognizse the right talent.


The strategy was to identify the exact pain points in their hiring process and deploy Discover psychometric aptitude tests and disc-based behavioral analysis to identify the right talent with appropriate skills and competencies. With the psychometric test, sales aptitude testroper skill tests and English language proficiency assessment, the brand reached a data-enhanced, multi-pronged approach to solve the challenge.



Discover Assessments‘ profiling solutions helped Philips identify the following keys areas for hiring the right sales personnel:

  • English proficiency
  • Logical reasoning
  • Numerical aptitude
  • Sales aptitude

Having identified these areas, they assessed all applicants in each sphere. The brand then used a one-third cut-off, retaining only those in the top two-thirds for the next phase of the hiring process. By evaluating all the applicants via the fully automated assessments, Philips decreased their hiring time and reduced the workforce required to scrutinizse the resumes and hire skilled, qualified employees.



By utilizsing Discover’s DISC tests and aptitude tests, Philips adopted a robust talent acquisition process, hiring better performing sales personnel. Additionally, the brand also deployed this process for their campus hiring. Currently, Philips works in collaboration with Discover Assessments across the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, India and Pakistan.