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Jindal Stainless is India’s largest manufacturer of stainless steel. The company is synonymous with Enterprise, Excellence and Success, and has a capacity of 1.1 million tonnes per annum.


Jindal Stainless used a simple methodology of taking the inputs from the respective managers during the performance appraisal cycle and using them for scheduling the training programs. However, this technique was ineffective as many employees believed that the process identified their training needs incorrectly. The company, therefore, needed to develop a non-discriminatory method along with a training calendar.


Aiming to identify any gaps in the talent using the aggregate data report, the company decided to use Discover DISC-based behavioral assessment. The information obtained from the aggregate data report was to be cross-tabulated against their manager’s scores. Furthermore, they concluded to conduct a behavioral event interview as a tie-breaker in case of any mismatch.


Jindal Stainless made 213 corporate office employees undertake the Discover behavioral assessment as part of the evaluation process. First, they compiled results generated into their competency framework. Then, they concluded the activity if the Discover competency scores matched the manager’s review scores, which happened with 87% of the candidates. For the remaining 13% of candidates, they organizsed the tie-breaking behavioral event interview.


Discover Assessments armed Jindal Stainless to formulate the training calendar for the entire year upfront. The participants were delighted that the company helped them identify their training needs scientifically and was planning training interventions for the same. The Discover assessment score gave an accurate prediction of the competency level of employees, with 87% of candidates’ scores matching with their manager’s review. Additionally, the data-driven approach of identifying training needs helped eliminate any ill-will between the employees and their reporting managers.