• Benetton

United Colors of Benetton, also better known as Benetton, is one of the world’s leading fashion brands from Italy.


As a reputable fashion brand, Benetton was looking to improve its hiring process using online assessment tools. Its current hiring strategy was based on interviews and personal interactions. However, it needed a more robust set of tools to identify the right talent during the hiring process.


The strategy was to identify an ideal “Retail Fashion Consultant” and deploy Discover disc-based behavioral assessments to recognize the right talent. This provided a data-enhanced approach to solve the challenge.


Discover Assessments, along with Benetton, created success profiles for several roles. Using these profiles, Benetton understood the required success behaviors that were critical for each role.

Every candidate who applied for a role undertook the Discover disc assessment. Once the data was captured, it was compared to a success profile via the Discover job fit report. Only those candidates who matched the success profile by 70% or more were taken to the next round of the hiring process.

By executing the assessments on all the applicants through automation, Benetton reduced the hiring time and the human resources required for scrutinizing the resumes and also hired better quality employees.


The hiring process of Benetton became robust, and the people who were hired became better performers. Eventually, Benetton started using this process for its factory shop floor hiring, its various distributors, as well as channel partners.


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