Pricing and Plans


Pick a plan that works for you


  • $0 Annual Fees
  • 10 Candidate Assessments / year
  • Additional candidate assessments not available
  • Unlimited Admin Logins
  • All Tests Included


  • Unlimited Candidate Assessments
  • Unlimited Custom Assessments & Benchmarks
  • Integration With ATS
  • White Label
  • All Business Features


What is “subscription fee”?

Discover offers its services for an annual subscription fee. Depending on your usage, you may choose any of our plans which entails an annual subscription fee

What is a “credit”?

A “credit” is the unit for calculating your usage of Discover assessments. One credit is consumed every time a candidate logs in to complete their pool of assessments. So, for example, you may want a candidate to undergo a psychometric assessment, English language assessment, selling skills assessment and numerical reasoning assessment. Only one credit will be consumed for this entire pool of assessments as it is being done for one candidate only.

What happens if the credits get over before the end of the year?

You can purchase additional credits as along as you have a Premium plan. There is neither a minimum nor a maximum number of credits to be purchased. You may purchase as many credits as you need if your Premium plan subscription is still valid

Do the unused credits roll over to the next year?

Yes, the unused credits roll over to the next year as long as the Premium plan subscription is renewed. If the Premium plan subscription is cancelled or not renewed, the available credits will expire.

Can I buy extra credits if I am on the Free plan?

Extra credits can be purchased only for Premium plans and not on the Free plan.

Can I upgrade or downgrade at any time?

You can upgrade to any other plan at any time. The unused credits will roll over to the next subscription cycle on Premium plans only. You can downgrade to another Premium plan at the end of the subscription cycle only. You cannot downgrade to a Free plan once you are on a Premium plan

If I do not renew my subscription, will my access to the existing reports be blocked?

Not at all. If you do not renew, you can still access the existing reports. But, you will not be able to conduct any new candidate assessment.

Do you offer customized assessments, ATS integration and white label options?

For Enterprise clients, we offer customized assessments tailored to their needs, ATS integration and white label options

What if I have more questions?

Reach out to us from the contact us page and we shall get in touch with you soon