Ravi Fotedar

Discover Assessment is a fantastic tool to analyze the behavioral profile of our Retail and Corporate Staff. We have been using this for several years now. Highly recommended.

KV Rajan

I have used the Discover Assessments as a selection tool for the prospective candidates, and I should mention, it gave a good indicator on the candidates vis-à-vis the model job fit we have created. This tool clearly establishes the match fit, Strengths and Opportunity Areas. We can use the strength and opportunity areas to probe further to understand more of the professional and enhance the selection process.

Evangelia Tiniakou

Discover offers platform flexibility (to add users and admin as we grow), personalized service and support. We use it for Attrition reduction, Learning & Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Development, Profiling leadership team, Self-awareness/Self-reflection, Team dynamics etc. Overall, we are satisfied with our experience with the product/service

Anoop Menon

We have found the Discover Disc assessment to be effective and a good predictor of job fit. Easy to use and administer. The excellent support system from Discover in case of any doubts or support. All in all, highly recommended.